Innovation Laboratory for Image Guided Therapy

InnoLab IGT (Image Guided Therapie)

The concept of ego.-INCUBATOR InnoLab IGT (Image Guided Therapy) is simple but very effective and follows a combination of "Design Thinking" and the BIODESIGN concept of Stanford University (identification, invention and implmentation of so-calld "unmet clinical needs"). First of all, needs are identified in collaboration with the clinical users, and the IGT incubator develops their first solution ideas and tests them for economic use. Accordingly, the INCUBATOR is set up as well as an innovation and creative office for brainstorming, there is a prototype workshop for the realization of the developed ideas and a simulation theatre where new medical technology can be tested and evaluated together with scientists.  

Kreativplatz Prototypenwerkstatt
Creative office Prototype work station


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