Patenting at the OVGU

We see ourselves as a central communication and service point for both the university and the economy, we provide contacts, reference persons and exploit research results. Together with the scientists and researchers, idea-based procedures for the application for intellectual property rights and exploitation will be developed in the following steps:

  • Prior art research  conducted from the Patent Information Center (PIZ),
  • Evaluation of ideas compared to the current state of art,
  • Definition of the registration strategie, taking into account the researchers' interest in publishing,
  • Drafting, filing and monitoring of the application for intellectual property rights, if necessary in cooperation with external patent attorneys,
  • Locating potential users and negotiating for the purpose of concluding contracts (licensing, sale, spin-off)

Comprehensive research of the state of art can be provided to you by the  Patent Information Center (PIZ) of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

Processes and steps for securing intellectual properties at the Otto von Guericke University are shown below.


You need information and research options on the subject of property rights and patents? Our patent and license service is at your disposal. 

    As part of a research activity you developed an own idea of an invention? We are happy to assist you in making an invention disclusure.

      Any invention made by an employee of the OVGU has to be reported to the employer in writing for the purpose of legal certainty. This means that any invention arising during the term of an employment  has to be reported in full to OVGU immediately in writing. It is strongly recommended that you use the Invention Disclosure Form for this purpose.

        In case you are submitting an Invention Disclosure Form to the OVGU for the first time, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the instructions for completing the form presented on this website (see also the article "Guidelines for Invention Disclosures").

          Processes following an invention disclosure need to be precise and in time. A general outline is given here.

            The following timeline is a simplified, schematic representation of the chronology for filing patents at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

              Your invention disclosure is made, but how does your idea become a product for the free economy? We show you possibilities for the utilization of your invention. Contact us 

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