Lasercutter: Rayjet 50

The Rayjet 50 can be used to cut out contours and shapes from an original work piece or to engrave shapes and fonts on a workpiece.

Training period for intependent usage, without previous knowledge: approx. 2h


Rayjet-Arbeitsplatz-Totale The Rayjet 50 is a CO2 Laser engraver/cutter
Space X:457 mm; Y:305 mm; Z:150 mm (Cutting table hub)
Cutting width 0,1 mm (66-1000 dpi)
Laser power 30 W, PWM-controlled (0,3-30 W)
Controlling (Hardware) Atmel, intestalled internaly 
Controlling (Software) Rayjet-Commander, Communication via USB
Exhaust air 50 - 200 m³/h (Flow and activated carbon filter)
Machinable materials Wood, plastic (for example acrylic glass), rubber, textiles, aluminium (anodised)*, steel*, glass*, stone*

*only engraving

The cutter must not be used to process PVC-containing plastics or carbon plates, otherwise toxic gases are produced. 


Internal quick guide

Template for Corel Draw

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