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ISS has launched again

Erstellt von Vivien Christoph am 12.11.2018 um 11:02 Uhr:

12.11.2018 (Anirban Saha) - The International Startup School has launched again for this semester. Last Friday, around fifteen students attended a new launch of the international startup school.

For this semester, we’ve conceptualised a more compact course format; adhering to the previous formats but slightly more compact. We’ve scheduled 6 workshops in 3 weeks. As much as it sounds ambitious, we’re sure we will be able to deliver the best and the students would get time to brainstorm and engage in one on one interactions with us, which would only help them plan and strategize better.

Dr. Stefan Knoll speaking to the students about good problems and how to use them to develop a startup

During the first part of the workshop of the International Startup School, Dr. Stefan Knoll discussed the difference between a startup and a big company and explained why the personality of an entrepreneur is no less than that of a superhero! We did a little personality test, so that students know if they are a hacker, a hustler or a hipster. We also discussed how the university could help students develop their ideas into a business.

During the second part of the workshop, we discussed why a startup needs to solve a good problem. The students, further, developed their own business ideas. 

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TUGZ @ CBBS neuroscience graduate program: How to brew a startup

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12.11.2018 (Anirban Saha) - Founders and interested individuals bonding and discussing over beer; isn’t that the ideal way to socialise for a startup school? Last Thursday, around twenty five phd students and postdocs got together with Julian Haupenthal from the startup Neotiv and Dr. Stefan Knoll of TUGZ, at Brewery Brewckau.

Dr. Stefan Knoll speaking to the students about the six ingredients for the successful lean startup.

Julian shared his experiences of running his startup - Neotiv and Stefan shared his experiences from the Transfer- und Gründerzentrum and how to know if you have a good business idea! Julian presented his ideas of his business, the business models and how an entire business works - end to end. Stefan picked it up from there and discussed the six key ingredients to build one’s own lean startup.

Bildquelle (c) Christian Rößler/ TUGZ 


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