CNC-Portal milling machine

CNC-Portal milling "The Rising Phenix"

The Rising Phenix can be used to mill out contours and shapes from an original work piece.

Training period for intependent usage, without previous knowledge: approx. 20h


The-Rising-Phenix-iso  The Rising Phenix is a fixed gantry CNC portal milling machine
Working space X:492 mm; Y:293 mm; Z:245 mm
Process speed 1500 mm/min
Milling spindle HF-Spindle mit 2.800-18.000 1/min bei 2,2 kW max.
Controlling (Hardware) Triple BEAST, 48V
Controlling (Software) Linux CNC v2.7 (processed DIN-ISO-G-Code)
Tool cooling Cloud spray
Machinable materials For example: wood, plastic, rubber, aluminium, structural steel*

*at low feeds and work interventions


Short introduction and example processing


Instructions for operating the CNC portal milling machine

There are two instructions ready, they must be processed one after the other

1. Instruction for creating machine code
2. Instruction for operating the machine

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