Test working scenarios for industry 4.0 in the laboratory


The AWI-Lab serves as an infrastructure for the development and testing of innovative produc, process and service solutions in the field of "Workplace 4.0". Interested students as well as employees at the university of Saxony-Anhalt receive the opportunity to make their own ideas as a reality withing the framework of the prefounding phase under the professional supervision of the Chair of Ergonomics and Work Design. Oriented towards the leading markets of "mechanical and plant engineering" as well as "health and care", the AWI-Lab provides an installation, care and communication scenario. 

A first overview of what you can expect, you can find on this page. For a deeper insight visit, the monthly offered laboratoy tours or one of the following events. If you are interested in starting your own project, inform yourself  here about the next steps or contact the  AWI-Lab-supervisordirectly!


Assembly 4.0/ Assembly laboratory in G10-043

  • Montagelabor
  • Collaborative robot: "Sawyer" by Rethink Robotics
  • AR- and VR-Glasses: Microsoft "HoloLens"; Samsung "Odyssey"; Samsung "Gear VR"
  • Assembly working space with digital assistent system: "Intelligent Klaus" by Optimum
  • Laser projection system: "Werklicht Pro" by EXTEND3D
  • driverless transport system: "MiR100" by Mobile Industrial Robots ApS
  • Motion Capture System: "MVN Link" by Xsens
  • Eye-Tracking-Glasses: "Glasses 3" by Ergoneers
  • multiple tablets, smartphones & smartwatches
  • EEG- gaudes
  • 3D-printer:  "i3 MK3" by Prusa
  • ...


Caring 4.0/ Caring laboratory in G10-450

  • Pflegelabor
  • intelligent and networked furniture- and assisten systems
  • Hospitality-style bed & patient-dummy
  • Exoskeleton: "Cray X" by German Bionic
  • Smart Floor: "SensFloor" by Futur-Shape
  • electronical help for standing up
  • Smart Shirts (Ambiotex)
  • multiple tablets, smartphones & smartwatches
  • ...


 Teamwork 4.0/ Communication laboratory in G10-448

  • Kommunikationslabor
  • flexible and diverse designed working spaces
  • innovative aids for interaction and moderation
  • elektronic flipchart: Samsung "Flip"
  • AR- and VR-Glasses: Microsoft "HoloLens"; Samsung "Odyssey"; Samsung "Gear VR"
  • 360°-3D-Camera: "Insta360 Pro 2"
  • multiple tablets, smartphones & smartwatches
  • Phone- and video conference system
  • ...

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