Founding can be overwhelming. Where to start? What are the first steps? Does founding even suit me? We are happy to help you. Just talk to us and make an appointment with us.

We can not tell you if you are an entrepreneur or not. Hoewever, we can show you the abilities that founders need.

You assess it by yourself. 

Every beginning can be hard. Our documents will support you with your business development. 

These working aids complete our various consulting services. They should support you with helpful links and material. 

Our mentors will advise you, if you need help and suggestions.

They are experts in their respective fields of expertise. Whether on the subject of business development, design, investors, social media or usability - here is the right contact for you!


Here are our mentors


A „virtual team member“ meets the founding team regularly and temporarily increases the team. You can initiate this yourself or the virtual team member can. 

We want to help you reach your milestones and ultimately make progress.


Accelerate the start-up project

Most startup teams focus on the wrong tasks. They unnecessarily waste time and money and many of them fail. 

With our "virtual team member" we want to help you to make the right prioritization for your project and increase the probability of success. 

virtuelles teammitglied

Almost every founding team wonders at some point: „Will we succeed with this idea?“ There is probably no answer today. But a related question can be answered by a vibration test: „Where are the risks of my idea?"


vibration test  is a one-hour examination of your business idea and start-up plans by our start-up consultants.

  1. For this you present your idea in 10 minutes.
  2. The start-up consultants will ask you questions for 50 minutes.
  3. At the end of a vibration test, you will receive an assessment of your business idea as well as tips for your further development.



Advantages of our vibration test


Convince sponsors
A great idea alone does not make your business a success. What special features has your idea and what risks should you address. The vibration test will help with answering those points. Founders always have something to do. For them, the day could have 48 hours and it would not be enough. The trick is to do the right things. 

Sponsors tick differently than founders are used to. It is important to convince them from the success of your business idea. You have to show that you know what actually matters. 

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