Usage of the FabLabs

What is the FabLab?

The ego.-INCUBATOR "FabLab - Innovative start-up in a production loboratory for the production of visual and functional models" is a miniaturized factory with full functionality. Using flexible machinery, users in this production lab can develop and produce their creative ideas, from a basic concept through visual and functional models to complex prototypes. With a broad portfolio of innovative design and manufacturing processes and the integration of electronic components, a large number of possible combinations and applications is possible. 

How does it work?


The idea

Are you students or employees at a research institute in Saxony -Anhalt? You have an idea for a new product, a new service or a new process?

Very good! You made the first step already!


The presentation template

It is time to make your ideas more specific, which machines in the FabLab do you want to use? Show us in your presentation template.


The first contact

Tell us about it! Send a Mail to with your presentation attached.

You do not like that because you are scared that someone takes your idea away? This fear can be taken from you. All employees have signed non-disclosure agreements as part of their contract. You are still unsure? Call us: 0391-67-52808


The usage agreement

We look at your presentation and invite you to a first conversation. There we will talk about potential problems we found.

Afterwards you will be registered as an official user as we are a project that is funded by the EU, however because of that the usage of the machines are for free.


The learning phase

The FabLab is a "Do it yourself workshop". We teach you the knowledge about the machines and systems and give you the chance to use them by yourself. For the 3D printeing there are for example monthly workshops.


Working in the FabLab

Reserve a machine or working spot. With the help of our calendar system times can be manages well.

Here are the  instructions for the usage of the system.


The project documentation

How is your project going? Have there been throwbacks or even better some successes? How does your prototype look? A picture is taken quickly and will help us to improve our support. Send us a short project update from time to time.

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