PM - Patient specific medical devices

The goal of the ego.-Inkubators „Patient specific medical devices“ is to combine the knowledge of engineering, economics, and medicine in order to promote innovative business ideas in the medical field in a practical way. In addition to high-performance 3D- Sidelight scan technology for data acquisition, modern rapid-prototyping systems and software for processing is available. For medical data recording there is also the possibility to use the latest CT and MRI systems. 



Solid Edge und Rhioceros

  • CAD Modelliing
  • Drafting
  • CAD-Modelling with NURBS Geometries
  • Reverse Engineering


Computertomography (CT - Scan)


Multiaxis systems Siemens Artis zeego

  • Flat-Panel X-ray computed tomography with robotic arm
  • Big (40cm) Flat-Paneldetector
  • CT Funktionlity (DynaCT) with Large Volume Feature
  • Picture akquisistion with up to 60 fps
  • Turning speed up to 100°/s
  • 56“ Large Display (8 MegaPixel)

RP-Model production using stereolithography


3DSystems ProJet 6000 Pro. 3D Printer

  • Automatic part placement
  • Automatic generation of the support structure
  • Contruction volume: (250 x 250 x 250) mm³
  • Max. resolution 75 μm at 50 μm layer thickness
  • Materias „Tough“ (grau) and „Clear“ (transparent) available

Component measurement with 3D Scanner


Gom ATOS Compact Scan 5M - strip light-Scanner

  • 3D-models detection
  • insensitive to ambient light 
  • 2 cameras with each 2 MegaPixel resolution
  • Measurement area 35 x 30 - 1000 x 750 mm
  • Import from CAD-Data and point clouds
  • Network processing
  • 3D-Analysis through target / actual comparisons
  • Data-Export




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