inzell - innovative cellular materials

The ego.-Incubator "innovative cellular materials" (inzell) gives the opportunity to work in the area of the entire process chain of the production of materials and components. Of particular interest is the properties and uses of porous materials, such as e.g. glass foam and cerammic foams. Typical applications of propous materials are in lightweight construction, thermal management and catalysis.



Computer tomograph Nanotom S 180

  • Non-destructive 3D sample measurement
  • Sample dimensions up to approx. 50 mm diameter
  • 3D-resolution up to 1 µm possible
  • Protection machine
  • Acceleration voltage up to 180 kV
  • Wolfram-Target

Planet-Ball mill PM400

  • wet or dry grinding
  • Grinding of almost all materials possible
  • Final finenesses of 1 µm


  • MacroPac for the simulation of particle packing
  • CT analyser
  • CT vol
  • Avizo fire for editing, evaluation and presentation of 3D structures




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