Transfer Voucher Process


  1. Get the forms package either in German or English. The forms package consists of four forms: An accompanying form, a declaration of consent, a declaration upon entry and a declaration upon exit. (Please note that the accompanying form is the only form available in both languages, the forms provided by the European Union are only available in German.)
  2. Fill in the forms package using your PC. We recommend using a standard PDF reader, e.g. PDF-XChange Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  3. Print the completed forms package. Signatures of you and your university teacher are required on the accompanying form. Your signature is also required on the declaration of consent and the declaration upon entry. The declaration upon exit has to be completed and signed at the end of the project.
  4. Submit the forms to the Transfer an Entrepreneur Centre (TUGZ) appearing in person at best. Thus, questions might be answered and delays might be avoided.
  5. The TUGZ verifies the compliance with the requirements and Gerald Böhm, head of the TUGZ, decides on the approval and the granting of the Transfer Vouchers.
  6. You will be informed via e-mail. Receiving a positive answer you will get delivered the original Transfer Voucher personally.


  1. Within six months after entering the project you have to write a report (minimum 10 pages). Final theses and dissertations will be considered as a report automatically.
  2. Signing the original Transfer Voucher your cooperating company and your university teacher confirm a performance according to the rules.
  3. Bring the signed original of your Transfer Voucher, a copy of your report (also possible as a digital version on a flash drive or via e-mail) and the completed and signed declaration upon exit to the TUGZ. (Confidential information such as internal matters will not be saved, but have to be submitted to the TUGZ.)
  4. Fill in our online questionnaire at (You will find the number of your Transfer Voucher at the bottom of the voucher.)
  5. After verifying the compliance with all formal requirements your bonus will be authorised for payment.
  6. Six months after leaving the project the project management might request you to complete another questionnaire. Only a representative sample will be chosen for this survey.

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