Electrical machines that are integrated in the wheel rim of a vehicle, e.g. a hub motor, enable to save space and weight because of the elimination of many components. Mechanically charged driving situations, such as driving over thresholds or holes, pose major challenges for the construction of electrical drive elements.

For people with a limited mobility various mobility aids exist. Often the so-called walking frames are used. Nevertheless, they hardly give disabled people a secure walking sensation. The disadvantages of conventional walking frames are removed by the invention of a traveling aid for people with a limited mobility.

At the age of senior citizens’ accidents like vertebral and bone fractures rank among the most frequent reasons for a need for care. These fractures often result from vestibular disorder, bone and muscle loss. In order to avoid this, a new training device was developed.

Currently, customary walkers are just limited in their applicability for the physical training of people. With the developed sports and dancing walker, senior citizens or disabled people receive stability while moving and are hardly limited in their movements. This leads to an improvement of the physical and mental health and increases the quality of life in all areas of life.

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