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Microelectrode arrays enable simultaneous measurements of nerve cell activities in various brain areas. The “optogenetics “makes it possible to directly stimulate the nerve cells with light. Nevertheless, up to now the separate implantation of the light sources and of the microelectrode array is very expensive and needs a lot of room.

Multielectrode arrays ensure the measurement of nerve cell activities in both cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain. In addition, they enable new developments in the field of “optogenetics“, which is the direct stimulation of nerve cells with the help of light.

Microelectrodes are used to measure neural activity of the brain, which are arranged in arrays or matrices. Such microelectrode arrays may be used to communicate with patients who can no longer express themselves verbally or physically.

The presentation of soft tissues with the help of an MRI makes the planning of a minimally invasive operations easier. It is very difficult to localize the exact positioning of the instruments. The medical imaging does not/hardly or not correctly show the guidance devices. Using the inserted markers could lead to image artefacts. This complicates the optimal orientation of the instruments from the entry point up to the target structure.

Introduced is a pacifier for the transoral treatment of premature babies and newborns. It is naturally shaped and cost-saving manufactured. The pacifier has an internally duct that can be used for the transoral introduction of tubes, medicaments or instruments. The child will stay very calm during that procedure.

In the otorhinolaryngology endoscopes are being used for diagnostics and therapies. One disadvantage is that most of the ENT-endoscopes that are in use do have a restricted mobility, but do not offer an all-round visibility.

The magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and the combined MRT-positron emission tomography (PET-MRT) generate high magnetic field strengths. Longer examination times and interim movements of the patient in the devices can lead to blurry images.

The optogenetics enables microscopic examinations and manipulations of nerve cells in living laboratory animals. The invention describes an optical stimulation device for stimulating nerve cells, the stimulation device having at least one implant component configured for implantation in a natural inner cavity of the body of a living organism, through which cavity a body fluid flows.

Microfluidic systems, known as microfluidic chips, enable low-volume processing and analysis of fluids. The problem is the introduction of the fluid in the microfluidic system. Usually done by manual adhesive assemblies of special fluid connectors. This can lead to contamination of the feed channel with adhesive and total failure of the microfluidic system.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a procedure that i.a. used to destroy tumors and metastases. High-frequency currents are sent into the body via an ablation electrode. The treatment is performed using imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). So far, it requires a lot of equipment to avoid adverse effects on the MRI imaging by the radio frequency ablation.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a procedure which is used, inter alia, in the medical diagnosis and for planning medical interventions. One challenge is the precise positioning of minimally invasive instruments at the entry point because they are often difficult to see in the MRI. The following invention is a mechanism that gives doctors precise information about the optimal entry points of minimally invasive instruments.


Devices for wireless signal transmission can be found in various fields of technology, for example in the field of magnetic resonance tomography (MRI). In the field of magnetic resonance tomography, such transmitting and receiving coils are used, but no direct signal transmission takes place between these transmitting and receiving coils. Known solutions have various disadvantages, such as stiffening of the structures.

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