In many sectors of the technology, e.g. vehicle engineering and mechanical engineering, rotatory movements have to be transformed into translational movements. Previous solutions are often more complex. The described invention is characterized by compact measurements as a consequence of a telescopic arrangement of mechanical and electrical components, a high dynamic and actuating force, a long operational lifetime and minor manufacturing costs.

Burning fossil fuels leads to a global climate change. Hence, electric motors are becoming more and more common. Nevertheless, there is still a high potential for improvement. The present invention has got a high power density which can also be used for a high speed.

In view of the global climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels, electric motors are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, there is space for improvements for electric motors. The present invention demonstrates a high power spectrum which can be used efficiently even at high engine speeds.

Because of the climate change it is expected that heavy precipitations and flood events - just like 2012 and 2013 along the Elbe - will increase in Germany. An easy, simple to set up, to operate and reusable flood protection system was developed. It is anti-slippery as well as stackable and requires little space.

During the touchless, three-dimensional measurement of large objects optical projectors quickly appear constrained regarding their maximum light intensity. The consequences are long measuring times and restrictions of the measuring accuracy.

Bisherige Brennstoffzellen sind nur in einer definierten Ausrichtung funktionsfähig, wobei Wasser dem System zumindest teilweise zugeführt werden muss. In portablen Systemen ist die kontinuierliche Messung der Wassermenge im System bislang schwer zu realisieren.

Chopping Sets for groceries consist of various chopping devices. This increases the effort on packaging, transportation and handling.

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