Customer testimonials

Our numerous offers support founders in a variety of ways. We had a few of them express their views on how we helped them on their journey of self-employment.


The TUGZ not only supports us in the planning and development of our start-up, but also made a very professional appearance with the Rowcycle at the Beach and Boat Fair 2018. Thanks, without you that would not have been possible."

Rowcycle (c) H.Krieg 

Henrik Pahlitzsch from  Rowcycle,



A creative and quiet work environment was as important to us as the constant exchange with other start-ups, as we all end up facing similar problems. Therefore, we used the CoWorking Space manged by the TUGZ to realize our visions in an open office atmosphere. 

 Sebastian Meinecke Urwahn (c) Stefan Berger/ OVGU

Sebastian Meinecke from Urwahn,

User of the Co-Working-Spaces


With Jana Görs, we have found a virtual team member at Filterize who can help us get from the first prototype to a business, and their experience in starting a business, innovating, and looking at what customers really need helps us to keeo focus on key construction sites in the development of our start-up.

Teamfoto (c) Filterize  

Pascal Held
 from Filterize,


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