400 EUR for Work Placements, Project or Final Theses

Doing a work placement with a company in Saxony-Anhalt?

Working with a regional company to complete your final thesis? Then don't miss out on the transfer voucher and a 400-euro award! 

400 all for you tax free and paid directly into your account

To be eligible for the 400 transfer voucher, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You’re doing a work placement, completing a project thesis or working on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

  • You're doing so under the aegis of a company based in Saxony-Anhalt (it doesn’t necessarily have to be the company’s head office or operational headquarters).

  • You haven’t yet started your work placement or final assignment.

  • You’re expected to submit a 15-page report as a minimum (bachelor’s and master’s thesis automatically count as final reports!).

  • You’ve got a professor at the university, who will confirm the topic of your report or final thesis.

Do you meet all of the above criteria? - Great!

Sounds complicated? Well, it's not!

Just fill out two forms and bring them over, then submit your final report within a maximum of six months and collect your 400.


Application Form

ESF-Participation Form


Application short and sweet

Your Benefits at a Glance
Receive 400

Apply for the transfer voucher right now to boost your budget for

  • your work placement
  • your project thesis
  • your final thesis

at a company in Saxony-Anhalt.

Apply Your Knowledge

Gather experience with specific, practical tasks and in project theses or work placements.

  • Develop your own ideas
  • Apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the course of your degree
Get New Contacts

Get new contacts to people in commercial companies based in Saxony-Anhalt, and augment your studies with valuable practical experience.

  • Get to know interesting companies
  • Introduce fresh ideas


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