Innovation Think Tank Certification Program (ITTCP) at OVGU Magdeburg and TU Munich

15.02.2021 -  

Call for participation: The Innovation Think Tank Certification Program (ITT CP) welcome all applicants (students, researchers, medical staff, etc.) to join this training program on “Experiential Innovation Learning” by Prof. Sultan Haider and ITT Team, who was invited by Prof. Michael Friebe, Head of HealthTEC Innovation Lab at OVGU Magdeburg.

The teams will work for 3 days (including training period) on the local institutional challenges and solution propositions. Participants will receive a certification and, if selected, will be invited to our ITT annual external exhibition (eITT) in Erlangen, Germany. Based on availability, participants may also be given the opportunity to join our ITT fellowship programs globally.

Read more about details und application.

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