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With whom am I dealing here? Please introduce yourself and your product shortly. 

Hi! We are neotiv, which are Emrah Düzel, Chris Rehse, David Berron, Julian Haupenthal and Jana Schumann. As neotiv we develop a digital product for use on smartphones and tablets. The aim is to provide precaution against dementia diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. On the one hand, this is done by helping the user to cope with the growing range of scientifically validated approaches to cognitive care. On the other hand, we accompany the user with digital tests during precaution. These tests are based on the latest research and allow the monitoring of essential cognitive functions over a long period of time. For example, precaution and our "digital biomarker" go hand in hand. Quite simply, without undergoing an expensive brain scan, or to be able to extract cerebrospinal fluid. 

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But you are not the first! 

Yes, we are at the forefront, which is also because or product developments are based directly on basic research, which is highly topical and constantly expanding. This allows us to constantly expand our value proposition. Our vision is for people to take a holistic view of their bodies and their preparedness in the aging process, and to understand their brains as a central organ that can be nutured and cared for by precaution, such as the cardiovascular system. This can be done in a very targeted manner through exercise, healthy nutrition, or for example, healthy sleep. Regular monitoring of the brain and control of care has not been possible until now, as simply minimally invasive methods and measures, similar to measuring blood pressure or sugar levels, are not available to the brain. 

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What has been your biggest challlenge so far?

As we develop a digital medical device, we have to stick to a lot of rules, some of which date from a time when digital solutions were not an issue. For example, we have to show that you do not have to disinfect our software. Furthermore, dementia is a sensitive issue where you have to learn a lot about the user and their living environment. Many people are afraid of dementia, especially if they have experienced a first-hand case in close relatives. We must take these people by the hand and explain them carefully what we do and that this is also scientifically validated. With hasty and unassuming statements or value proporsitions one can quickly do individual damage. 

What is the current progress of your project? 

Very well, we have just received a special grant, the EXIST research transfer of the Federal Ministry of Economics. The EXIST research transfer enables us to transfer our scientific basis even more extensively into applicable and user-firendly products. There are also promising talks with other investors. The international network that we have built up over the past few years is constantly growing and, in addition to out contacts with research and the application of neotiv in renowened studies, we are preparing a smooth market access, for example with our partner Flying Health in Berlin. There will also be an available trial version of the software by the end of this year , so it is worth signing up for the newsletter on our Homepage ;-)

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Why do you want to found in Magdeburg? What connects you to the city? 

Magdeburg is a special location when it comes to neuroscientific research. With the DZNE Magdeburg (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the IKND ( Institute for Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research), there are two internationally renowned institutions in which pioneering research is conducted. We come from this research and are connected here in the long term in order to always be at the forefront of research. Magdeburg is also developing into an interesting location for founders. There are creative funding opportunities and high willingness to get in touch with founders and to find dynamic solutions. With the promotion of the country (ego.-foundation transfer) we successfully completed our pre founding phase and got to know the health market and its requirements, as well as of yourse our users. Of course, we are particularly grateful to the TUGZ of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, which has accompanied us since day 1 in the founding process. even now we are still in contact with the state and we would be happy to remain connected with the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the city of Magdeburg in the long term, also with regard to the aging of society as a political problem.

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Your advice to other founders? 

Dare to push your ideas, even if you get a lot of criticism at first. You should form a team that can go through all states of the process. LIsten a lot and learn about the environment in which you are moving about how to take successful steps in your specific industry. Do not try to found with a  checklist - every founding story is unique and will give you unexpected challenges over and over again. In our experience, it is very important to seek mentors in experienced founders who can help you on your way to an own business. We are glad to have such people in our environment. 

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