International Startup School

The International Startup School is a one semester program, specially tailored to qualify International Students of the OvGU, who are planning to start their own company or work for a startup.

Throughout the semester, we aim to accomplish the following:

  •  encourage and inspire International Students to consider starting a company as a way to positively impact the world
  •  teach International Studentds about how to start a startup, and equip them with the right resources and tools
  •  build a community of international entrepreneurs who can encourage and teach each other


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International Startup School provides a first orientation for founders by explaining how to use core principles of the Lean Startup methodology.


Your opportunity to spend time with ambitious and like-minded people and maybe to find the right co-founders.


International Startup School is the place to share and discuss your ideas and challenges with other founders and mentors.


Your opportunity to earn a Certificate of Attendance to boost your resume.

Throughout the semester, we will provide insight on how a startup works by the following workshops:


Startup 101 – All you need is a Lean Start
Friday, 13.04.2018, 10:00 - 17:00

Learn how to start lean. We will provide you with a fundamental understanding regarding what a startup exactly is and how the International Startup School (ISS) can help you to start lean.


Startup Ideas – All you need is a Good Problem
Friday, 27.04.2018, 11:00 - 15:00

Learn how to get startup ideas by solving good problems instead of having ideas. Therefore, we will discuss possible creativity techniques as well as rules for great startup ideas.



Startup Plausibility Check – All you Need is a Ruby
Friday, 04.05.2018, 11:00 - 15:00

Learn how to check your startup idea. We will discuss guidelines and techniques on how to describe your target market, customer need and solution concept.



Startup Business Model – All you Need is a Canvas
Friday, 18.05.2018, 11:00 - 15:00
IKAM (G13)

Learn how to work with the well-known Business Model Canvas (BMC). We will discuss how to use the canvas to describe, design, challenge and pivot your business model.


Startup Potential Check – All you need is an Attractive Market
Friday, 08.06.2018, 11:00 - 15:00
IKAM (G13)

Learn how to analyse the market potential of your startup idea. We will discuss guidelines and techniques on how to define the market size and sales arguments for the customers.


Startup Prototype – All you Need is a Good Hypothesis
Friday, 15.06.2018, 11:00 - 15:00
IKAM (G13)

Learn how to deal with many unknowns and untested assumptions about your market and product. We will discuss guidelines and techniques on how to build a minimum viable product.

As a Student of the OvGU you can participate:

  •  if you would like to learn how a startup works and plan to work for a startup
  •  if you are actively working on your startup idea and are interested to take it to the next level


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Throughout the semester, you must attend 5 out of 6 workshops and submit at least 4 of your 5 startup reports.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance and the opportunity to share what you're working on with the public.



"One right decision can change your life, for better. And for me, it was joining the International Startup School. With no clue where to start and no startup idea at all before joining this program, the program landed me in the winning spot at „Startup Munich Competition“, while took me to Top 100 teams for eBay startup Cup Challenge, in Berlin. That’s the power of mentoring!

The mentor (Stefan Werner) was really helpful, super cooperative and all of his sessions were engaging. If you are thinking to learn something from scratch, in a friendly environment, absolutely for free, and stand your idea above the noise, this is where you want to be. Don’t procrastinate. It’s worth your time!

Muhammed Imad, summer term 2017

"The international startup school is a great source of inspiration, guidance and a provider of a lot of useful legal information for having a startup in Germany. With regular workshops and long structural discussions, feedbacks we have gained a lot of insight into the startup world."

Yasar Mohammed, summer term 2017

"Throughout the whole semester I felt like I was part of a very closed and united group. I was really looking forward all the time to the next workshop because there was always something new to learn. There´s a great atmosphere, everything is comfortable and relaxing. We had always snacks, coffee and tea. But beyond that, meeting people from different countries and with different ideas broadens your mind and way of thinking.

What I learned during the International Startup School it is very valuable, because even when you don´t have an idea, you´ll learn how to create your own and apply this knowledge on a daily base. The techniques, the discussions, the questions, the arguments, all of it will be part of a learning process that will help me during my career and personal life. Even more than that, it could be the place to meet future colleagues. People with great business ideas, people who are just there for curiosity, people that would like to simply join a startup. All the people I met, I will certainly keep them close because who knows what the future have for us."

Jose Lopez, summer term 2017

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