Individual consulting for founders

We are strong partners in the start-up phase and during the establishment.


Our expert team for start-ups which is particularly specialized for natural sciences will always support you. Various incubators can aid to develop the first prototype out of a business idea in the realization period.

We offer:

  1. Initial meeting to get to know our team
  2. Joint assessment of the business idea
  3. Intensive supervision of the business idea
  4. Mediation of modern entrepreneurship knowledge
  5. Use of the infrastructure of the university for the prototype development and the application for protection to the business idea
  6. Preparation of presentation and pitch training for competitions and investor meetings
  7. Placement of personal support with cofounders or student project works
  8. CoWorking
  9. Consulting about appropriate funds

It does not matter how far you are with your ideas. We will start our support at any point. We aim to support all the foundation ideas as efficient as possible and with the highest quality standards. 

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