Space for Ideas - Ideas Become Products

Students, doctoral candidates, research fellows and graduates of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and from other universities or universities of applied sciences in Saxony-Anhalt can develop and test their business ideas in a practical environment - ego.-INKUBATOREN at the OVGU offer ideal requirements.


  • Manufacture prototypes by yourself
  • Project development in a team
  • Practical implementation with modern hardware and software
  • Subject-related care in a scientific environment
  • Expand and impart entrepreneurial thinking
  • Promote academic entrepreneurship

At the moment there are provided five incubators for the development of prototypes:

  • iGE ego.-INKUBATOR
  • PM ego.-INKUBATOR 
  • inzell ego.-INKUBATOR
  • App-Lap ego.-INKUBATOR
  • FabLab ego.-INKUBATOR

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