Growing into the role of an entrepreneur

The one who decides to start his or her own business, faces many challenges and tasks. This is why we offer a professional support - from the first idea to the actual foundation.

Our principle: We encourage founder personalities and help them to discover their potential as well as grow into the role of an entrepreneur.

Our services:

  • Awareness events for the topic “Foundation”
  • Help with the potential analysis of the foundation idea
  • Support in application for protection to the founding idea: More about the Patent Information Center and the Patent and Licensing Service OVGU
  • Development of a business model
  • Start-up school for qualification on a personal and economical level
  • Workshops to establish founding specific knowledge
  • Advices for competitions and investor meetings
  • Mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs

Participants can use the infrastructure of the university or make use of the numerous ego.-INKUBATOREN while developing the first prototype. In addition, we show possibilities to apply for funding and make contact to potential investors.

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