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The FabLab ego.-Incubator “ FabLab – Innovative startup in a fabrication laboratory for prototype development”  is a small scale manufacturing facility offering full capabilities. Flexible machinery enables users to develop creative ideas from a base concept into full scale prototypes. The laboratory offers a wide range of options for the process of transitioning from concept to real-life prototypes to its users.  Innovative design tools are offered to develop and finalize virtual concepts. Broad manufacturing machinery such as 3D-printers, laser-cutter, CNC-mill and –lathe and a waterjet can be utilized for prototype realization. Further electronic components can be integrated.

Fablab Prozesskette (eng)

How can I start working at the FabLab?

1. Requirements To become a user you need to be a  student or research assistant of a college in Saxony-Anhalt.
2. The Product Idea The project needs to be of innovative character or be part of an other innovative product.
3. Presentation of the Product Idea The project idea will be presented in front of the FabLab tutors, therefore its very importent to focus on newness, technical feasibility and usage of the FabLabs infrastructure. Here, you can get a Powerpoint template, which will also give you an overview of the required presentation structure.
4. Knowledge Transfer As a FabLab user you will work with the machines by yourself. The required knowledge will be thought during workshops and lectures. Furthermore, individual assistence for a project is possible.
5. Independent working After you received the necessary education to work with the machinery, you can start working on your Project. The goal should be te get a functioning prototype or illustrative model. To prevent overoccupation and to coordinate machine usage we are using a calender system. An instruction manual on how to use the system can be found here.
6. The Prototype If everything worked according to plan you should hold a finished prototype in your hands.


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